CV6C-P Series

Category: CPU & FPGA

Main features

Processor Unit

One or Two QorIQ T2081 (1..1,8 GHz or T1042) with:

► up to 8 GB DDR3-ECC (/CPU)
► 128MB SPI Mirrorbit flash (with backup device for recovery)
► 128/256MB of Mirror Flash (/CPU)
► 128KB of FRAM (/CPU)
► Temperature sensors and monitoring (/CPU)
► Calendar clock with supercap backup (/CPU)
► Elapse Time Counter
► DC and Thermal monitoring

Storage subsystem

► 1*eUSB slot for SSD Disk (/CPU)

Communication subsystem
► up to 7*GigaEthernet ports
► 1*L2+ Giga switch (QoS, VLAN, etc.)
► up to 3*USB2 external ports
► 1*RS232 and 2*RS422 port per CPU.

I/O subsystem
► VME64x capability (option)
► One FMC/XMC slots (exclusive):
• XMC PCIe x4, or
• HPC connector (for FMC)
► One PMC/XMC slots:
• PCI 32/64-bit at 33/66MHz, PCI-X up to 100 MHz
• PCIe x4
• IO report compatible with VITA35 P4V2-64ac
► One Open FPGA for customer applications,
offering 4 Serdes and LVDS differential pairs to HPC connector

► Engineering kit for debug : JTAG/COP, console,...
► 6U Rear Transition Module

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